Card fraud

In the unfortunate event that there are fraudulent transactions appearing on your account as a result of your card details either being comprised or having been lost or stolen, you can complete one or both of the attached forms, dependant if the transactions have been undertaken with a merchant or at an ATM.

Disputed ATM Withdrawal Report

Customer Declaration (Fraud Related) form

Please complete these forms in full, sign them and return them to the address detailed at the bottom of the forms. Your claim will be processed as soon as possible and in line with the terms and conditions of your account. You can of course discuss any aspect of your claim by telephoning 1850 700 221 (+353 1484 3701 outside ROI)

To report your card lost or stolen, please click here.

Important information
The information you supply to Danske Bank will be held and used by us solely for the purpose of dealing with this incident. We may involve the Garda, other police forces and other authorities, and we may furnish some or all of the information to them.​​​​

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