An international guarantee may be issued by a bank as security for a customer's performance of a contract.

There are several different types of guarantee, and more than one type can be included in your company's contracts.

The bank’s issuance of any form of guarantee is dependent upon the granting of lending facilities to the customer.​​​​​

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Guarantees covers the following

About guarantees
Exporters taking part in international tenders may sometimes have to provide a guarantee.

Read about guarantees
Types of guarantee
Danske Bank offers several types of guarantee and you can download the relevant forms here.

Read about guarantee types
International rules
Guarantees are subject to various international rules and regulations.

Read about international rules
We have compiled a list of FAQ about guarantees.

See frequently asked questions
Guarantee glossary
We have compiled a list of the most commonly used terms relating to guarantees.

 See glossary

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Corporate & Institutions
We offer market leading advice and services to our Irish large corporate and institutional clients.

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