How to report fraud

If you suspect that your Business eBanking access has been or is being misused, please call us immediately. 

Call Customer Support: +353(0)1 6550200* 

*Lines open: 8am to 8pm Mon-Thurs and 8am-5pm Fri (except on bank holidays or other holidays in Ireland when the bank is not open for business).​​​​


Suspicion of Misuse and How to Report Fraud


What do we do when you contact us? 

When you contact us to report a suspicion of misuse, we block your access to Business eBanking, which means that you can no longer log on with your current password. We order a new PIN so that your business will have access to Business eBanking again as quickly as possible. Before using the new PIN, please remember to secure your PCs. 

What happens if your business has lost money? 
If your business has lost money because Business eBanking was accessed unlawfully, we will start an investigation into the matter immediately. 

Please notify the police as well 
In addition to calling us, you should report the misuse to the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation (GBFI).​