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Monitor your business in realtime
wherever and whenever you need.

A complete overview

With our business app you can now work whenever and wherever you please. You can create and authorise payments, view your account information and transaction history, send messages to your advisor and much more.

Available for both iOS and Android. Download the app and access your account from the office, home or abroad.

Download Mobile/Tablet Business app

Main features

Do business wherever, whenever you need to using the new Mobile/Tablet Business App. Key features include:

  • Payments

    • Authorise the same types of payment as in Business Online or District
    • View and authorise payment folders
    • Transfer money between own accounts and to third-party accounts
    • Pay most local payment forms
    • View payment details
  • Accounts

    • Get an overview of transactions, payments and balances on your business accounts.
    • View transactions and balance graphs.
    • View balance history and graphs for accounts and groups of accounts
  • Administration

    • Authorise user changes, block users, remove the blocking of users, delete users and order new user accesses
    • Authorise changes to payment limits on accounts
  • Communication

    • Receive notifications from the Notification Centre in Business Online and District
    • Receive and reply to messages from Danske Bank
    • Find support numbers to Danske Bank
  • Markets and currency

    • View equity, bond and commodity prices
    • View exchange rates
    • View winners and losers on the equity market
    • Convert currencies and see exchange rates for more than 25 currencies

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Danske Bank offers a broad range of digital solutions giving you access to your company finances. Anytime. Anywhere.

Monitor your business banking accounts wherever and whenever you need to with our Business Banking Apps. The Tablet Business App and Mobile Business App is available for iPad/iPhone and Android devices.

Get started.

Download Mobile Business for your smart phone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play.

Using your app

To get full feature access in your Mobile or Tablet Business app, you need to:

  • be registered for our Online Banking Channel
  • have an eSafeID device

Once you've downloaded our Mobile or Tablet Business App, simply log on using your eSafeID security and you're all set to go.

Important documents

District may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance.


We have taken some of your frequently asked questions and answered them below.

  • Who can use Danske Mobile/Tablet Business Apps?

    Anyone who has registered and previously logged onto District can log on using their security information and use the App. If you have not yet registered for District, you can call your relationship manager to get signed up. The contact function is available without having to log on.
  • Are there differences between District and the Mobile/Tablet Business Apps?

    Yes, the Mobile/Tablet Business Apps are designed for convenience, providing you with access to your accounts, allowing you to make SEPA Payments, authorise previously created payments and action alerts while you are on the move. District provides additional functions which are not available through the Mobile Business or Tablet Business Apps.
  • Does it cost anything to use the Mobile/Tablet Business Apps?

    Mobile/Tablet Business App are free to use. Normal data charges may apply specific to your network operator and/or your contract set-up.
  • How long does it take to get started with Mobile/Tablet Business Apps?

    If you are already using District with your user ID, password and security code you can start using the Mobile/Tablet Business App straight away.
  • How do I log on to Mobile/Tablet Business Apps on my smartphone/tablet?

    Tap "Log on" and follow the on-screen instructions. There are two steps in logging on. First enter your user ID and password, and then type a security code from your eSafeID device. To generate a security code from your eSafeID device, press the button at the front of the device. Enter the six digit security code displayed on the device in the security code field on the App and Tap "Log on".
  • Can I use the Apps when I am abroad?

    Yes. Remember, we will not charge you , but the internet provider and/or your network operator may charge you. We recommend you check with the internet provider before you use the Apps. Before making any payment when you are abroad you should check that it is permitted by local legislation.
  • What devices can I use the Apps on?

    The Mobile Business App has been developed for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. To run on iOS devices, your operating system needs to be at least iOS 6.0 and for Android devices it must be a minimum of 4.0.3.

    The Tablet Business App has been developed for iOS and Android devices. To run on iOS devices iPad, your operating system needs to be at least iOS 6.0 and for Android devices your operating system needs to be at least version 4.0.3.
  • What accounts can I access with Mobile/Tablet Business Apps?

    You can access the same accounts that are visible to you using District.
  • What features can I use when I'm logged on?

    Once logged on you can:
    • Authorise one or more payments, folders and payments in a folder.
    • Administrators can authorise user changes, payment limits on accounts, can order new logon, block users, unblock users and delete users.
    • view and search transactions and pending transactions.
    • view transactions, balance and account group graphs.
    • use currency converter functionality and see exchange rates for more than 25 currencies. The currency converter is for indicative information purposes only.
    • find telephone numbers to contact us.
    • view equity, bond and commodity price.
    • receive notifications.
    • send and receive secure messages to/from the Bank.
  • How do I change which accounts appear in my account history?

    You can change the accounts you view:
    • on the Mobile Business App by pressing "Group" and selecting which group of accounts you want to view.
    • on the Tablet Business App by pressing "Accounts" > "All accounts", you can now select the group of accounts from the list.
  • How do I filter on a search?

    Select the Accounts or Payment overview functions from the wheel/Dashboard and open your list of accounts/transactions.

    To view the search filter using the Mobile Business App on an iOS device drag the screen down below the heading; for all other devices select the magnifying glass icon. Enter the information that you wish to search for, your search results will then be displayed on the screen.

  • Can I make and authorise payments?

    Yes, if you have the appropriate access on District to make and authorise payments then you will still be able to make and authorise payments in the Mobile/Tablet Business Apps.

    The payment type available on the Mobile/Tablet Business Apps is a SEPA Payment. Please note internal transfers created on the Mobile Business/Tablet Business Apps will be sent via SEPA and the Account Transfer External fee will apply.

  • Can I create folders or groups?

    No, however if you have the appropriate authority you can:
    • authorise multiple approval of payments.
    • authorise multiple approvals of folders.
    • select an open folder for authorisation. The folder will be closed and payments authorised.
    • delete single payments within a group or folder.
  • What if I lose my mobile phone or it is stolen?

    You need to tell your mobile network operator immediately, so they can disable the phone. As long as your log on details are secure, no-one else can use your phone to access your bank data. If however, you suspect that someone has intercepted your user ID, password or eSafeID, please contact us immediately on +353 (0) 1 6550200.
  • Do I always need to log out?

    To protect your account information it is recommended that you always log off when you have finished using the App. Select 'Log off'. If you do not select 'Log off' when you have finished using the App, it will remain open and will automatically log off after approximately 15 minutes.
  • What if I have forgotten my log on details?

    You can retrieve your user ID in the following ways:
    • When you have received a eSafeID device for District, you can find your User ID in the cover letter you received together with the device.
    • In User Administration in District if another user covered by your agreement has the required access rights.
    • Call Customer Support.
    If you have lost your password, you can order a new temporary PIN:
    • If another user on your agreement has access to the User Administration module, then order the PIN in User Administration.
    • Call Customer Support.
    If you have lost your eSafeID device or suspect that someone else is using it, you must block it immediately. To block your eSafeID:
  • Are the Mobile/Tablet Business Apps secure?

    Danske Bank aims to provide self-service solutions with a very high level of security. We are constantly developing our security systems, so they comply with current practice and guidelines on security of online self-service solutions. It is also important that you take security precautions when you use the Mobile/Tablet Business Apps. For instance, you should always update your device software (via iTunes/App store for iOS devices and via update function on Android phones) and any apps that may be installed. Be careful about which wireless network you connect to, make sure that you do not ignore warnings such as "server's certificate cannot be validated", avoid accepting and installing software that rouses suspicion or comes from people or organisations you do not know or trust. Protect your smartphone with a pin code so that the keypad locks after a few minutes without use, never install unauthorised software.

    When you log on you identify yourself using your District user ID, password and security code, giving you a quick and easy access to view account information. We will never contact you to ask for your password or security code from your eSafe ID device under any circumstances. Please report any request for this type of information to Customer Support.

    On the Mobile Business App at log on by ticking "Remember User on this device" your user ID can be saved on the log-on screen.

    On the Tablet Business App User IDs are saved on the log-on screen, they can be deleted by selecting your profile picture on the top right of the screen and selecting "edit".

    This does not affect your online security as you must still enter your personal Password and security code from your eSafeID device to log on successfully. If someone else logs on using your mobile device you will be required to key your User ID in again.

    To authorise and make payments, you will be prompted to enter your password as an extra security factor. As an extra security precaution, you will be automatically logged out of mobile banking after approximately 15 minutes of non use.

    As an additional precaution you can set most devices so the screen will automatically lock after a period of non use.

  • Can the Apps be withdrawn?

    The Apps may be withdrawn at any time; we will do our best to tell you if this is going to happen.
  • Will you support other platforms such as BlackBerry and Windows Mobile in the future?

    Our current strategy is to provide native Apps for iOS and Android due to their market position. We however continuously monitor the market position of the various platforms in our key markets.
  • How does the currency converter work?

    The currency converter shows exchange rates for more than 25 currencies or can convert the prices anywhere you travel. This tool always uses the Danske Bank Exchange Rate (Ireland) applying the sell rate for foreign cash. Where the conversion is between two non sterling currencies then the rate used will be a mid-market rate. The Danske Bank Exchange Rate (Ireland) is subject to change. The currency converter is for indicative information purposes only.
  • Can I stop notifications to a selected device?

    Yes, notifications can be turned off. Sign onto the App on the device you no longer want to receive notifications to. Under user settings, you can turn off notifications.

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