Make the simple move to District now and get easy access to your business accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week - making it straightforward to make electronic payments at a time to suit you.

District basic package includes Account Information, Payments and Markets Online Information modules.​​​​​​​​​

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Business eBanking is our online banking system which operates across multiple geographies, in real-time through a single log-on.

Main features:

  • 24/7 access to all your account balances and transactions - allowing you to monitor incoming and outgoing payments
  • Make local and international payments from your own office
  • Flexible structure - you can choose the basic modules for day-to-day account and payment transactions and have the option to select more specialised modules for things like liquidity management, trade finance and currency trading.  You simply pick the modules you need
  • You decide how many people should be granted access and what they are authorised to do, for example to view different account entries or to make payments
  • The 'Latest News' and Important Information' sections keep you up to date with changes and upgrades to the Business eBanking system
  • Keep up to date with your accounts with our alerts service Corporate Notifications

Find out how Business eBanking can help your business.

Business eBanking is modular by design. This means that when you apply for Business eBanking, you can choose which modules you need to suit your business.

Our three basic modules cover all your initial Cash Management requirements:

  • Account Information module - provides you with balances and transactions on your account for up to 24 months, information applicable to your accounts and your accumulating and historic transaction fee information
  • Payments module - depending on the authority levels that you agree with us, users can set up and authorise internal transfers as well as local payments and international foreign payments
  • File Transfer module - allows you to transfer files to and from the Bank. For example you may wish to request a file that allows you to reconcile the balances in your business' accounting system or to submit a file to process your salary payments

Our specialised modules can be selected according to your additional needs:

  • Collection Service module - allows your business to collect Direct Debits from your customers
  • Trade Finance module - for easy processing and monitoring of Trade Finance products, such as documentary credits and guarantees
  • Markets Online Trading module - this module also allows you to trade in foreign currencies, for example, Spot, Forward and Swap transactions
  • Liquidity Management module - supporting our range of liquidity management products, this module gives you a real time overview of your Group's net cash position
  • Cards module - allows you to manage all your Corporate Cards in Business eBanking

Business eBanking abroad

If your business has accounts in other countries in which the Danske Bank Group operates, you can make local payments or local collections in those countries by adding the Payments and Collection Service modules. 

Multi-user access
Your company can have multiple users accessing your Business eBanking solution. You decide how many users, what authorities they have, what data they can access and which modules they can access.

Important information

You must hold a Business Current Account in order to have Business eBanking.

Fees for this service vary dependent on your requirements, for a full listing of our fees and charges please see our Corporates and Institutions Fees and Charges brochure.

For further information please see our Terms and Conditions for Business eBanking.​​​​

More information

Business eBanking modules
Get information about the modules in Business eBanking.

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