Liquidity Management

In order to optimise your organisation’s liquidity you will need visibility, access and control of your funds. At Danske Bank we can help you realise these goals through our suite of liquidity management solutions. We offer both domestic and cross-border solutions supported by our Corporate, Institutional and International Corporate Banking team.



Our liquidity and interest management systems provide you with the following benefits:

  • Optimal account management
  • Optimisation of interest income and cost reduction
  • Complete real-time overview of Group liquidity
  • Optional cash concentration in various currencies
  • A more efficient balance sheet structure
  • Effective use of working capital

And with our online banking system Business eBanking, you will always have real-time information about the Group's net liquidity position and the ability to execute real-time transactions.

Services listed below might be subject to credit approval.​​​​​

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Danske Bank's Cash Pool solution is a key component of our cash and liquidity management services. Our Cash Pool service provides our corporate clients with a fully automated zero balancing solution, resulting in a real-time liquidity position for your organisation. Aside from providing you with a complete overview of your liquidity you can also manage internal credit limits and interest rates for Group companies and monitor the related intercompany lending positions.

Real-time overview
Through the Liquidity Management module of  Business eBanking, you will always have real-time access to your Group's net liquidity position. As funds are concentrated into a single account individual company positions are offset with interest being either paid or charged on the total cash pool position.

Internal Group interest rates
As part of the Cash Pool service, you can decide on the interest rate for internal debit or credit positions between the parent company and subsidiaries. You can choose to use the interest rate which will be applied to the Cash Pool by Danske Bank, or an internal Group interest rate nominated by you. You can also use different rates for different subsidiaries.

The calculation and addition of interest on internal Group accounts takes place automatically in the Group Cash Pool programme.

Internal Group credit limits
You can also decide on the internal credit limit on subsidiaries' accounts within the Cash Pool. The total of these credit limits may be either greater or less than the external credit limit agreed upon with Danske Bank. You can choose to use an automatic sufficient-funds check to ensure that subsidiaries do not exceed their internal credit limits.

Cross-Border Cash Pool
With our Cross-Border Cash Pool Solution, your Group can manage all of its accounts with Danske Bank Group in the same currency across a number of different geographies.

Any liquidity management solution offered by Danske Bank must comply with local laws, tax regulations and central bank reporting requirements and we recommend seeking tax and legal advice prior to implementation.