Credit Applications


When you apply for a credit facility we consider each application for credit on its own merits. As with all banks, an application must satisfy our credit and risk criteria before it will be accepted. As part of a credit application process SME borrowers may request a meeting to discuss a proposed credit application.

Customers are generally keen to know how long the credit application process will take. Once you provide us with all the documentation and information that we need to assess your application, we will aim to revert to you with a a decision on your application within 15 working days (unless otherwise advised). In all instances however, we will endeavor to reply to you sooner.


The information we usually seek when applying for a credit facility can be found in our Provision of Financial Information document . We may also require the provision of a Business Plan, a template of which can be found here. A Business Plan Guidance help sheet has been developed by the four accountancy bodies (CCAB-I) and the Irish Bankers Federation to help SMEs develop their business plans. Danske Bank is currently not a participant in the Government support schemes for SMEs.

When we have completed our assessment we will provide confirmation of the outcome to you in writing.
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