Corporate ResponsibilityCorporate Responsibility

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Danske Bank Group strives to operate a profitable and sustainable business, based on its customers’ needs.

It is the Group's goal to do what we do best - in a responsible way. Taking responsibility for the social and environmental effects of our business is an investment in the future of our customers, employees and local communities.

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Financial Literacy

We have two financial literacy initiatives - for children and for young people.

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Charity Partnerships

Our Charity Partners are selected by staff as the recipient of the Bank's fundraising and charitable donations.

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The Danske Bank Group has signed the UN PRI's six principles for responsible investment.


Corporate Responsibility covers the followingCorporate Responsibility covers the following

We wish to use our knowledge to improve our customers’ financial skills and economic growth.

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We wish to develop and support initiatives to raise the general level of knowledge both nationally and locally in our markets.

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We aim to minimise the negative environmental effects of our business and encourage environmental awareness.

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Read about our vision, mission, values and local commitment.

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Societal Impact & Sustainability
The Danske Bank Group wants to operate a profitable, sustainable business based on the needs of its customers.

Societal Impact & Sustainability
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