Laser and Maestro Debit CardLaser and Maestro Debit Card

Our Laser Maestro debit card is all about making the banking experience as easy as possible for you, giving you a number of ways to buy things safely, spend and have access your cash.
Laser and Maestro
  • Laser Maestro is a debit card linked to your current account
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM in Ireland or abroad displaying the Laser or Maestro symbol
  • A true and safe replacement to cash due to its convenience and wide acceptance anywhere you see the Laser symbol or the Maestro symbol or the Cirrus symbol - locally and abroad on holiday
  • Allows you to shop online

Important informationImportant information

Exchange rate
The exchange rate that will be applied to any transaction (or refund thereof) that needs to be converted into  euro will be based on the exchange rates set by the card scheme (MasterCard) at the time that the transaction (or refund) is posted to your account, or if the transaction is routed through LINK (a UK Card Scheme) the applicable selling/buying note rate used by the Bank, all of which are available on the Website, together with a conversion fee set by us.

The conversion fee is outlined in our Clear & Simple - Personal fees & charges explained brochure.

These exchange rates which will fluctuate continuously and without notice, are available from the following website If you use your card in a country which has not adopted the euro, the merchant may propose converting the amount of the transaction into euro before processing the transaction. Before you agree to do this, the merchant must tell you any charges and the applicable exchange rate or reference exchange rate. The exchange rate or reference exchange rate used by the merchant may be different from that which would have been used by the Bank had the merchant not carried out the based on mid-market rates with a fixed percentage margin. The actual rate of exchange for a transaction will be given on your receipt.


For further information read our Terms and Conditions for Laser/Maestro Debit Cards.

Please refer to our Disclaimer section to read important information about us and our website.

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