Checking your balanceChecking your balance

Here are a number of easy ways to help you keep track of your account balance and transactions:

Use your account statements to monitor your balance
Use your account statements to monitor your monthly income and expenses. With eBanking your account statements are easily accessed. They can also be used as confirmation of transactions.

Receive account statements in your mailbox with eBanking
If you use the electronic mailbox in eBanking, you can receive your account statements there. The electronic mailbox is free of charge and easy to use. It's the greener option.

Get an e-mail or SMS stating your balance
If you are an eBanking customer, you can be notified of your balance in the form of e-mails or text messages. With this service, you can set up notification settings for your account, such as alerts for low balance or major incoming payments.

Register for our Free SMS Service
You can now access real time information on your accounts through our new SMS service. With one text, whether at home or abroad, you can now check your balance and get the last five transactions on your accounts. It couldn't be simpler. Register now.

Use an ATM to check your balance
You need a card and a PIN to use this service. Use ATM’s any time of the day or night to check balances and transactions on the account.

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