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From the Termination Date(s) it will no longer be possible to view your Account(s) on eBanking. As your Account(s) will be closed, online transactions will no longer be permissible.

You will however be able to access bank statement for the period prior to your Account(s) Termination Date(s) via eBanking service. To do this, log into your eBanking  and click on your electronic mailbox.

You may view historic statements from the date your eBanking was activated up to a maximum of seven years. This service will remain viewable until 1 December 2014. Customers may download and save these statements to hard-drive for future reference. eBanking services including view-only access will be discontinued from 1 December 2014.

If your termination date has not yet pass and you are an eBanking customer you can still:

  • View of all your accounts and investments
  • Check your balance and transfer funds across your accounts
  • Pay bills day and night
  • Transfer funds internationally
  • Receive text or email alerts alerting you when your paycheque has been deposited into your account, or when your balance passes a certain level
  • Set up or cancel your standing orders
  • Close your account(s)


If you wish to close you bank account(s) using eBanking the instructions on how to proceed and the list of accounts available to close via eBanking are provided under "How to close your account(s)".

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*For security purposes and to improve our service, calls to this number may be recorded or monitored.  This service may be temporarily unavailable during periods of routine maintenance.​


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How to close account(s)

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